So you want to run a course? That's great!

Already know what you're doing with all this?

Step 1: Access the Presentation

You will need this presentation to run the session. Click the image to open it in a new window.

It functions just like a Powerpoint presentation.

Tap the the spacebar, the return key or the arrow keys to progress.

Most browsers support fullscreen mode. This can be activated via the slideshow’s toolbar.

To exit fullscreen mode hit the Escape key.

Add the presentation to your favourites.

When you’re done close the presentation window, come back here and continue where you left off. We’ll still be here.

Step 2: Download the session plan

This is the guidance sheet you will refer to as you run the session. It’s a two page PDF.

Page 1 details the first half of the session; page 2 details the second half.

It follows a timeline. It provides instructions on what you need to do, which slide to show, and which resources you will need for each section. You can refer to it as you run the session.

Print one of these
(Be sure to print both pages)

Step 3: Download the Case Studies

These are single page PDFs. They facilitate one of the group work sessions.

Print 1 copy of each.

Step 4: Download the participant handouts

There are five handouts to give to participants. During the course, each participant should receive:

1x Participant Session Plan
1x Personal Action Plan
1x Certificate of Completion
1x Evaluation Form
1x Background Info

Print one of each, per participant.

Step 5: Download the resource checklist

This is a simple one page checklist. It lists everything you will need to have in place for the session. Once you can put a tick in every box, you’re ready to run your session.

Print 1 copy

Step 6: Book a suitable accessible venue


Chooose an accessible venue


You'll need internet access


Everybody needs to hear the video


Optional, but a drink is always nice!

Step 7: Promote your event

We’ll leave this bit to you, but here's a generic digital flyer you might find useful.

Step 8: Belt and Braces

Sometimes Plan A goes wrong. It’s good to have a Plan B.

It’s worth remembering that Let’s Talk About Restraints isn’t an organisation with staff. It’s simply an online resource that was built and left here by some people who are now off doing other things. This means there isn’t anybody at the other end of a phone to offer IT support if something goes wrong in the run up to (or during) your session. Unfortunately you’re on your own.

We recommend saving this backup file.

It contains all the resources you need, plus a simple PDF version of the presentation. These will act as a fallback should any internet issues arise at the wrong moment. You will be able to run the session offline, and without a sound system. It just means you’ll have to do without the video. Not ideal, but it’s better than sending everyone home.

Step 9: Deliver your session

The Tutor Session Plan is now your guide!

As long as you have a tick in every box of the checklist and you keep the session plan to hand, everything will go fine.

If you'd like to read the thoughts of a trainer who has already run this session, click the icon to download the document.

Good luck, thanks, and have fun!

If you're already familiar with the course content, grab everything you need here...

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